We provide miscellaneous consultancy services for locals and foreigners, especially for Japanese community.

Investment Consulting

Our consulting services for investment  spans across many in various sectors in Sri Lanka. Including;

  • Plantation (Tea, Coconut, Spices, Fruits, Cinnamon,Vanilla, Flowers etc),
  • Construction (Various Luxury Apartments, Housing Scheme Projects, Government Projects, Highway Projects, River Banks Developments, Various Bridges etc)
  • Gem Mines (Traditional and Latest Mining sites)
  • Seaweed Cultivation (Kappapicus and Euchenma – Cotton cultivation)
  • Aquaculture (Tuna, Prawns, Crabs, Oysters etc)
  • Vehicle Importing, Vehicle Spare Parts Imports
  • Education (Japanese Language Schools) 

Investors & Consultants

We introduce latest technology for seaweed cultivation from Japan and Korea.

New product introduction

As industry experts we are also capable of introducing commercial products to the local market from Japan including new technology and inventions from Japan which has assisted many local market by creating business opportunities from Japan.

Visa Consultancy (Work, Student, Training, Short Term)

Our expert team of VISA consultant will guide you through the entire Japanese VISA process and will facilitate all your VISA requirements to Japan especially employment opportunities at Japanese  Factories and Companies.

Students are also encouraged to apply for Japanese Language programs which will assit them to get entitled for Japanese Language Schools and Japanese Universities.  Our VISA guides will assist students to learn more about how to obtain the required type of VISA in a very shot term from the Japanese Embassy with the submission of proper documentation.

Our Japanese lawyers will ensure the students and the employees who apply for Japanese VISA gets the best possible services all the time. As an add-on we also help arranging accommodations facilites n Japan based on the individual’s budget. Students can study and earn while working on many part time Jobs in Japan.

Japanese Visa in Sri Lanka

Looking for a Consultancy Service?

We provide miscellaneous consultancy services for Foreigners and Sri Lankans, especially in Japanese People. Drop us a line with your requirement and our friendly staff will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours.